About Us

‘About Us’ could not start any other way than thanking Alan Howard, who having relocated to Shropshire in 1989, returning from a walk met a railway executive, that chance meeting led Alan to create Welsh Rail Rambles.

Alan’s vision with hard working team leaders  has meant that almost thirty years later we have seen this work continue. Richard and Barbara Addyman eventually took over the reins to continue Alan’s work, passing this on to Marion Law and Cheryl Johnston more latterly. We are incredibly proud that we have family members of that original group still strong and enthusiastic members today.

Continuing the development of Welsh Rail rambles we have become a newly formed CIC, that is a Community Interest Company listed at Companies House, No. 11426957. Although the company is new our volunteers have been organising and leading walks for 30 years.

All activities of the Company are provided by volunteers from the development of programmes to the leadership of walks.

In becoming a CIC we have the stated aims of :



The company’s activities will provide benefit to …

  1. Rural communities presently connected by the rail lines radiating from Shrewsbury will be able to access guided walks.
  2. Such communities benefit from both economic and social advantage through support for their rail lines, linked bus services and shops, cafes, pubs and other local services by ramblers.
  3. Participants travelling into Wales or those living in the region will benefit from substantial mental and physical health improvements proven to flow from communal activities such as countryside walking.
  4. Guided walks offer company and confidence to those people without walking experience, and consequently provide a welcoming route to rambling as an alternative to car-reliant lifestyles with growing problems of obesity.
  5. All members of the community interested in taking part in guided walks exclusively using public transport, rail and linked bus services, to access public footpaths and other countryside rights of way mainly throughout Wales and the Marches.




How will the activity benefit the community?


Provide programmes of guided walks using rail to access public footpaths throughout Wales and the Marches, Programmes of walks will be of differing lengths and difficulty in order to accommodate a wide section of the community.







All activities of the Company are provided by volunteers from the development of programmes to the leadership of walks.

The programmes of guided walks enable people to enjoy the healthy physical and mental benefits of walking in the open countryside using public transport, predominantly rail, to access remote areas in safety.

There is no requirement for membership or subscription and the Company makes no charges: participation in the programmed walks is inclusive and open to all those capable.

Ramblers support the local economies in these rural areas without impacting on the infrastructure as we use only public transport.






























10 Year Anniversary


20 Year Anniversary